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What’s Lead Generation and How Do I Use it?

When it comes to making a passive income online without actually selling a product, there are three main routes: lead generation, affiliate marketing, and pay-per-click advertising like AdSense. Use SEO strategies on an affiliate marketing site to get the most leads to make an income.

Lead Generation Websites

With a lead generation website, visitors agree to give you information you can share with third parties in exchange for your help matching them up to the best products for their needs. For example, if you had a lead generation site on term life insurance, you would use a survey for visitors to opt-in and provide you information about their needs to forward them to the insurance company with the best rates for them.  

From there, you would share the customer’s information with businesses who would contact them to offer their products. In exchange for the lead information, you would get paid a commission or marketing fee.

How is this different from Affiliate Marketing?

With affiliate marketing, you only get paid if a sale is actually made, while you get some income for providing a potential client’s information with lead generation.

What fields are good for Lead Generation Sites?

Start by looking at lead generation sites out there. These sites don’t have to be filled with innovative web design and bells and whistles, but they do have to connect to industries with a high value on leads and carry some level of interaction where your visitors can give you information to contact them. You need to chose an industry with high transaction fees that will want to pay you for leads. Some good examples are in the bridal industry, credit cards, insurance, and real estate.

Can anyone do this?

Lead generation sites don’t have to be fancy, but they aren’t for the total beginner. You need some basics. First, you should have a moderate to solid understanding of SEO writing and a basic ability to design a website. You’ll need a survey form on your page, so you need to be able to design one or hire a web designer. If you’ve done internet marketing for a while, you should be able to get into lead generation sites with more ease than a total beginner.

What are the next steps?

See what local businesses you can connect with to send leads from your site. If you are interested in mortgage leads, for example, talk to your local bank. Local work will give you an advantage because you’ll be able to meet in person on the rare occasion it’s needed and also be able to understand their needs and respond faster than someone far away.

Once you know your industry and have connections that will pay for leads, you need to build an interactive website. Hire a web design team if you don’t have the time or ability to create your own. Create content for your site to build its SEO and online traffic. You should have a blog page where you regularly post news relevant to the field and possibly create a free e-book you can offer to people who fill out your lead form. 

If you don’t want to do things yourself, I would then hire an online marketing Portland professional to help you out and give you the best advice. I would highly recommend Oregon Web Solutions. I will add their information below as well as a marketing video they have:

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A Heartwarming Story And Tale Of What Not To Do

Food for thought: An essay on reentry from a convicted felon.

My name is Silvia, I am a mother, a student, a convicted felon and now I am your neighbor. Two years ago I made a mistake and was sentenced to prison for 19 months. When I made the very bad choice to embezzle money from my employer, the most I thought I would lose was my job. In no way did I understand the consequences of my actions and in no way did I realize the loss I suffered was not only mine, but my family’s, friend’s and the community’s as well.

Navigating through life can be a daunting process as I found as the divorced mother of two daughters. The turmoil of everyday life can be a challenge in the best of circumstances. But the path is made even more difficult when you are transitioning from prison back into the community. Because the difficulties were caused by my own doing only made it more formidable. I never thought I would commit a serious crime let alone spend time in prison. The punishment didn’t end the day I was released. The problems I faced after I got out wee one’s I hadn’t anticipated. The stigma attached to a felony conviction is hard to overcome. At first I felt everyone could see I was a criminal. Simple things like renewing a driver’s license or re-opening a checking account became a series of lengthy and embarrassing explanations. Although I have a college degree and years of work experience behind me, the minute I check the felony box on a job application means I will probably be turned down.

Crimes need to be punished and the threat of prison is an appropriate deterrent to committing crimes in the first place. I deserved to serve time in prison. I committed a horrible offense and in no way do I feel my sentence was unfair. But if I have the desire to make a better life for myself and my family, I would like the chance to work toward being a good citizen and a good neighbor. How can we rebuild our lives without having someone to believe in us? It is hard enough to believe in ourselves. We need help reconnecting with a community that may see as threats. We need help to rebuild the self esteem that was lost and move on from the paralyzing shame and guilt we feel.

I was fortunate to have my family care for my children while I was incarcerated. I was lucky to have a home to go to after I was paroled. But even with the best opportunities afforded me I still struggle to support myself. I can only imagine how problematic it would be to reenter society with an addiction or a mental health issue. I hope I speak for others when I say maybe we don’t deserve a second chance but I know having time to reflect on myself in prison made me a better person. I want to endeavor to give back some of what I’ve learned from my experience in order to help people with the same obstacles become better neighbors.